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April 26, 2016 - World IP Day

Each year, the day on
April 26 is the World Intellectual Property Day, as well as the day when WIPO Convention entered into force in 1970. World IP Day was designated to educate the IP community and general public of the importance of IP and to encourage IP as a positive momentum promoting the creative activities and technological innovation.

The theme for 2016 World IP Day is “Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined.” It emphasizes that the variety of communication medium results in an abundance of cultural products. Meanwhile, the wireless network technology has efficiently realized fast propagation of consumable products across nations and without borders. Consequently, creators are able to access to more channels of distribution whereas consumers can enjoy cultural works much more easier.

However, during the prosperous development, some problems also emerge. How to react in response to every challenge during the process when cultural products are being created, used, or transacted, so as to offer the creators and artists in the digital world with sufficient economic incentives and pump more energy into the cultural creation, for the sake of ensuring a sustainable development of creative activities.

WIPO invites specialists devoted to digital culture industry around the globe to share their ideas and perspectives covering cultural products of music, filming, publishing, video gaming, and broadcasting (available at WIPO also presents editorials for IP topics including “Creating Value from Music: The Rights that Make it Possible,” “From Script to Screen: What Role for IP,” “Publishing and the Digital Economy,” “Video Games and IP: A Global Perspective,” and “Background brief on Protection of Broadcasting Organizations.” As a spark to ignite the light, by those effort WIPO hopes to attract attention and participation from all over the world.  

Please join with Tsai, Lee and Chen to celebrate this Day. 

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