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Taiwan to Implement "National Intellectual Property Strategy Program"

In Taiwan, students and universities have won plentiful prizes in international invention exhibitions. However, they participate in the exhibitions mostly with a purpose of promotion for professors in their career or for students in their study, and the commercialization rate of the R&D achievements of university research institutes is relatively low compared with other countries. This fails to satisfy market requirements and a gap exists between inventions and commercialization. On October 17, 2012, the Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan (BOST) passed the "National Intellectual Property Strategy Program," which will implement "Six Strategies" to protect and circulate IP rights, organize and integrate patents of university research institutes, and provide back support for enterprises in patent litigations.


The Program has three focuses:

1.           Aiming at market commercial opportunities and assisting R&D focusing by IP portfolio;

2.          Establishing an IP protection system for effectively promoting returning interests to IP inventors and people implementing the same; and

3.          Establishing a common infrastructure environment which is capable of solving problems of IP circulation and transactions.

In detail, there are six strategies, including:

4.         Implementing high-value patents in a creative way;

5.          Strengthening the utilization of cultural contents;

6.         Creating excellent agriculture values;

7.          Activating the circulation of academic IPs;

8.         Implementing IP circulation and protection system; and

9.         Cultivating sufficient and quality IP elites.

“In the future, it would be a win-win situation for academies and industries if we pay more attention on researches with higher economic value that assist industry development.” Director General Wang, Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, added. “Meanwhile, we will promote cultural creativity in industries, enhancecopyright protection, and discuss relevant topics concerning trade secrets in the Program.”


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